1. Don’t be a victim: Know the dangers of broken car door locks

    Broken car door locks are not just a nuisance. They can endanger your safety! Imagine this scenario: you're out for a run, and you hear your car alarm blaring. You run to your car to find that the door locks and your vehicle has been broken. You first think, "I'm glad I have insurance." But what if …Read More

  2. Can a Locksmith Rekey a Car Door?

      Car Rekey or Replacement Car Keys Nearly everyone has been in the situation where they ask themselves, “Can a locksmith open a car door?” Don’t sweat the answer too much. Your typical locksmith should be able to pop the lock, perform any vehicle rekey, or handle a full lock replacement …Read More

  3. Lost Car Keys? Here’s What To Know

      Lost Car Keys   How many times have you rushed to an appointment and, in the middle of patting yourself on the back for barely getting there on time, you realize a second later that you locked your keys in the car? Or, how many times have you had to change every lock on your doors and wi…Read More