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Better security doesn’t necessarily mean needing more sensors, cameras, and an upgrade to the latest technology. The most effective security starts with the simplest foundations: quality locks installed by a professional. While it seems like a small measure, good locks can be a major help in large part because they slow down burglars. When a burglar can’t get in and out quickly, they are more likely to abandon that property and choose a different target — which goes for residential and commercial properties in equal measure.

At Job Done Locksmith, we are the lock and key experts in training and experience. This means we have the knowledge and know-how to pinpoint potential security weaknesses for your home or business and provide you with a personalized solution to give your property the best security. Our comprehensive locksmith services include:


Automotive Locksmith Services

When you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. But, not to worry! The Job Done Locksmith team is your local Washington Park locksmith team, which means we can get to you in Washington Park quickly, no matter what time your lockout happens. Our mobile locksmith team will come to you, and we’ll bring the tools needed to unlock your vehicle, extract a broken key, and rekey the locks and ignition. We can even duplicate or repair electronic car fobs and transponder keys. That means no need to schedule an appointment and wait for hours at a car dealership if something goes wrong with your electronic car key. Odds are good our car key repair services will also help you save money over going to a dealership, and we’ll bring those services to you!

You don’t need to wait for an emergency to call our Denver Washf Park locksmith team for help. If you’ve got a car lock that won’t turn or a lock that feels loose and jiggly, call, and we can repair or change the lock before worse damage happens — like breaking your key because the lock is so hard to turn! We can also rekey car locks like we can home locks. This means that your car will require new keys to unlock. You never know who might have a key for your vehicle if you purchase a used car, so we suggest rekeying the locks on any pre-owned vehicle to boost security. No matter what you need, if it involves a lock and key, we can help, so call Job Done Locksmith for 24-hour locksmith services when you need us!


Business Locksmith Services

Keeping a business secure poses an interesting challenge because you want to keep your employees and property safe — but at the same time, you don’t want to do anything that could stop customers from coming in. Well, the team here at Job Done Locksmith can help. We provide a range of commercial locksmith services designed to help improve security without impeding your day-to-day business needs.

Our business locksmith services offer flexible and customizable options based on your business’s needs. Whether you need lock replacement or lockout help, or something more complex, like keyless entry locks and other access control system options, the Job Done Locksmith team can help. Call us today to schedule service, and we will work with you to determine the right set of access controls, security system elements, and locks for your business’s needs.


Residential Locksmith Services

Your home is where your family lives, and most of life’s important memorabilia is kept. It makes sense that home security is an even bigger concern than a business or vehicle. After all, you want to protect all that is important to you! As mentioned above, good home security starts with quality locks on all exterior doors. A deadbolt lock may be low-tech, but it is one of the best options — assuming it was installed correctly. Our Denver Wash Park locksmiths can come by your residence and check your locks, repair a hard-to-turn lock, replace your locks with a keyless entry system, and more! If you own an older home, call us; we specialize in lock repair and replacement that maintains the aesthetic integrity of locks on historical homes without compromising security.

When moving into a home, whether brand new or new, one simple way to boost security is to rekey your locks. You never know how many keys were given to contractors, family members, and friends. Rekeying updates the lock tumblers, requiring the locks to use a new key without changing the lock or doorknob hardware. And that’s just a simple way we can help improve your home’s security. Call us to learn more about rekeying, master key systems, keyless entry locks, and other options we offer to improve your home’s security. If you’re looking for ways to keep your family and your precious possessions safe, start by contacting your local Denver Washington Park locksmiths at Job Done Locksmith. Call us for anything from a home lockout to home security suggestions!

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