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    Does Your Business Need a Commercial Locksmith?

    Business theft is common, and you must always be on alert. If your locks are not secure enough, you may have to deal with someone breaking in and stealing things. It starts with functioning locks in your commercial building. 1. You never know when you might need a commercial locksmith When was the l…Read More

  2. Passive Security: Preventing Forcible Entry

    Entry Armor™ for Property Managers   Passive security has an essential defensive function in securing entryways because it helps protect against forcible entry. An intruder seeking to gain access forcibly will, in most cases, choose to attack the entrance using tools such as lock picks, drill…Read More

  3. Security Tips for Apartment Buildings

    What does controlled access mean for apartments? How do you keep an apartment building secure?  Controlled access at an apartment building permits only certain people — usually tenants — to enter the building.  There are a few key areas where a skilled locksmith can make all the difference. Jo…Read More