Car Rekey or Replacement Car Keys

Nearly everyone has been in the situation where they ask themselves, “Can a locksmith open a car door?” Don’t sweat the answer too much. Your typical locksmith should be able to pop the lock, perform any vehicle rekey, or handle a full lock replacement for most car doors. While actual lock replacement is much more expensive — multiple locks would need to be removed during this process — getting your door rekeyed is much faster, less expensive, and would only require the vehicle owner to obtain a new key.

At Job Done Locksmith, our car locksmith team is fully equipped with the expertise and tools needed to perform car rekeying for almost any model vehicle, both foreign and domestic. Thousands of Americans get locked out of their car every year, and most of these people don’t know how to find a reputable locksmith to fix their problem. If this happens to you, and you’re unable to contact a car locksmith service like Job Done Locksmith, then read below about a couple of different methods that may help you access your car in a pinch.

1.  Wedge And Poke Method: Though it’s a bit old school, this approach involves creating a small opening, “the wedge,” in the crease that separates the car frame and the car door, then inserting some kind of rod-like object in the opening that’s long enough to hit the unlock button on the inside of the door.

2.  The Cellphone Method: This approach hinges mostly on the type of cell phone being used, but if you have an internet-capable smartphone, then chances are this might work for you too. Essentially, if you’re locked out, but someone else has easy access to your spare fob, then call that person, put your phone on speaker, and have them hit the unlock button. The idea is that the phone’s radio frequency modulators will transmit the signal through the speaker, and unlock your vehicle.

3. The Trunk Method: As the name implies, this involves going through the trunk of your vehicle and locating a switch that’ll disengage the back seat, giving you an opening to squeeze through that’ll bring you into the main compartment. This approach requires a car that has both an external trunk button, and back-seat trunk access.

Now, these methods aren’t meant to be tried-and-true, but merely suggestions for a last-ditch effort to gain access to your vehicle without the assistance of a car locksmith. However, if none of these solutions have worked, then consider finding a 24-hour locksmith service, like Job Done Locksmith. We offer a wide array of locksmith services for the greater Denver, Colorado area, and they don’t just include changing locks.

Can a locksmith program a car key? Yes, we can reprogram keys, chips and remote controls, as well as ignition repairs, rekeying, and key replacement. The process is similar to changing normal locks, except our locksmiths alter the electronics in the chip instead of the key itself or the lock.

We’ve also heard many people asking can a locksmith make a key from a VIN number? Yes, they can, but more information is usually needed. The VIN number is absolutely needed when ordering a new car key since manufacturers and dealerships will require this information to help verify that the request is legitimate and that your keys are not falling into the wrong hands. Once you’ve been cleared to request a key from a locksmith, you may also need to provide them with the key code depending on the vehicle’s make, model, year, and most importantly, manufacturer.

If you’ve experienced getting locked out of your car, or have asked similar questions above, then it’s probably time to get a 24-hour, full-service car locksmith, like Job Done. As Denver’s friendly neighborhood lock specialists, there isn’t a job we aren’t trained for. Homes, work, vehicles, and other commercial properties fall under our expertise. Get lock replacement, rekeying, key replacement, and much more from our trained technicians. Call us anytime, we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!