Home safes can be a great way to protect your possessions from theft or damage, but what should you store in them? Here is a guide to some of the soundest things to keep your home safe.


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There are several things you should consider putting in your safe that will be valuable both financially and sentimentally. Some suggestions include guns, cash, jewelry, passports/visas, and other items such as deeds or titles to vehicles that can also serve double duty if needed for protection against fire damage.


10 Things that Belong in a Home Safe

  • Guns

Guns should be kept in a safe unloaded with the magazine separate from the actual weapon. Ammunition should also be kept in a safe. Special gun safes are designed to keep your guns locked up properly.

  • Precious Metals

If you own physical gold, silver, copper, or other precious metals, they should be kept in a home safe. These items are valuable and belong under lock and key.

  • Expensive Jewelry

While not all jewelry is valuable enough to go in a safe, some jewelry should remain locked up when it’s not being worn. Expensive engagement rings, family heirlooms, and other high-value jewelry belong in a fireproof home safe.

  • Important Documents

Documents should be stored in a fireproof safe, including:

  • Insurance policies
  • Bank account information
  • Wills and living trusts
  • Health care documents
  • And more!

These documents need to be protected, and a physical backup copy is a good idea, even if you have them stored on your computer.

  • House Pictures

If a fire were to happen or a break-in, having pictures of the items you own will help with insurance. You store these pictures on a CD or thumb drive and toss them in your fireproof safe at home.

  • Important ID Documents

While you will likely carry your driver’s license with you daily, other ID documents don’t need to be kept on your person. Passports, birth certificates, and social security cards should be stored in a fireproof home safe.

  • Spare Keys

It’s a good idea to place spare car keys and spare keys for other things, such as a storage unit, into your home safe.

  • Safe Deposit Box Keys

If you have a safe deposit box for your valuables, the keys should go into your home safe. This will help protect these keys during a disaster, but it will also keep you from losing them.

  • Emergency Cash

If a fire happens or another type of emergency event, having some cash is a good idea. Storing some emergency cash in your home safe is a good idea.

  • Family Valuables

You should also store any other items you plan to pass down to the next generation or consider valuable to your family in a safe.

If you don’t have a home safe for your valuable items, it’s best to have an Aurora locksmith install a safe for you. With proper safe installation, you can protect your most valuable items better.