Just because your Denver home is from the 19th or 20th century doesn’t mean your home security needs to be. When it comes to maintaining the value of the original architecture and hardware of your historic home, nothing is quite as secure as keyless entry.

If you’re wary of making the transition from a historic lock to a keyless entry system, trust your local locksmith to get the job done right. At Job Done Locksmith, we specialize in working with historic lock systems as well as keyless entry. We know how to carefully replace your old locks with a modern system without damaging your home. Read more about how we are able to update your home security system, and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Removing the Old Hardware

The first step to install your new keyless entry system is to remove the old lock from your door. Our locksmiths possess the proper tools to safely remove historic locks from your door without damaging anything.

There are a variety of keyless entry systems, some of which are one or two pieces. Depending on the type of lock you currently have, we can assess whether you need a single-unit system or a system that has a separate lock and door handle.

Positioning the New System

Once the old hardware is removed, we will position the keyless entry unit on the door and decide where it should be installed. We want to make sure that the old holes on the door are properly covered while ensuring that we can mount the new system to the door securely.

If we are just replacing the lock, we will only need to remove the lock hardware and position the system over that hole. If we are replacing the lock and the handle, we will make sure that the keyless entry lock and handle cover all of the old door holes.

Outlining the Unit

Depending on the material of the door and which keyless entry system is being installed, your locksmith may mark the door where each piece needs to be installed. This ensures that each part is aligned correctly, sits flush with the door, and — ultimately — effectively secures your home with a new locking system.

Installing the Keypad

Once our locksmith has the keyless entry system positioned and marked, they will install the keypad and/or handle on the door. They do this carefully to make sure that the deadbolt lines up where the old one was, the handle turns correctly and easily, and no cables that connect the battery to the system are pinched or cut off.

By now, we will have established what type of door your home has, what type of lock it had, and which keyless entry system will work best to replace the old hardware and maintain the integrity of your historic home. When we install the keypad, everything should align perfectly based on our measurements.

Setting the Code

All that’s left after we’ve installed the keypad is to create a code that you can use to unlock the deadbolt. Your keyless entry system will include a back-up key to unlock the door in case the battery dies. If you’d like to continue using a historic lock for this back-up system, talk to your locksmith about what your options are for keyless entry.

Work With a Locksmith in Denver Today

At Job Done Locksmith in Denver, we have experience rekeying and repairing historic locks, as well as experience installing and troubleshooting keyless entry systems. If you live in a historic home and are interested in upgrading to a keyless entry system, contact us today. We can also rekey locks in historic homes if you’d like to keep your current security system. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started learning about your options.