When it comes to reasons on why they call a locksmith, Denver residents are – much of the time – inquiring about rekeying an existing lock. Rekeying is a mainstay of locksmith services that provides renters, homeowners, and business owners with a quick way to boost security and gives peace of mind without having to spring for a more expensive security option. All Denver locksmith companies know that there is great value in such a simple process, and will offer it to customers as an easy way to get new life out of their current locks.

Rekeying is a process that involves replacing the existing pins in a lock with new pins, essentially changing the “code” that needs to be met by the key. This means that previously used keys won’t work on the lock anymore, and that a master key can be set for the entire system if desired. Ultimately, this simple service offers three big benefits to homeowners, renters and business owners alike. Read below to find out what they are.

1. It’s cost effective — Any Denver locksmith will tell you that it’s less expensive to rekey a lock than it is to replace the whole thing. That’s because there’s less hardware to purchase and less labor involved in completing the job. Instead of having to fiddle with electrical systems or pry open your door, your local locksmith can focus right on the lock itself, which costs significantly less money than it does to replace locks. Your local locksmith can provide this service for residential, business, or vehicle locks.

2. Instant peace of mind — When you buy or rent a home or business, you don’t really know exactly who else has a key and could access the property. Instead of just hoping that all previous keyholders have good intentions, rekeying allows you to start from scratch and make sure that if someone has a key that opens the lock, you know exactly who has a copy of your key. Denver’s very own Job Done Locksmith can help give you that instant peace of mind.

3. Increased security — Rekeying ensures that only current tenants can access a space, which is crucial for maintaining security in a home or commercial property. It’s the easiest way to know that the only people getting inside are the ones who you want in there. It also allows you to set one master key for all locks, which reduces the chance you’ll be hit with inconveniences that keep you from being able to get inside and increases the overall security of your property.

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