As proprietors may already know, owning a business is comparable to owning a home in that any previously-owned building should always be rekeyed with high-quality lock and key services. So why exactly does a business need rekeying? On any normal work day, there are many people are have authorized access to your business establishment; high-level management, key employees, and cleaning staff are just some of these people. Managing who has access can become a nightmarish hassle, especially when tracking each individual key is involved.

Securing Your Locks

At Job Done Locksmith, customers can find reliable, trustworthy, and professional Denver rekey services from our team of commercial locksmiths. We can offer a simple key replacement, lock rekeying, lock replacement, and a host of other access control services.

Businesses can sometimes feel like a revolving door; people are always joining or leaving the company, which affects your business’s access control, thus impacting your business’s overall security. The last scenario you want, as a business owner, is having keys to your establishment floating around in the hands of former employees. It could fall into the wrong hands, or someone could make a copy of the key. Prevent these potential break-in dangers by simply hiring a business locksmith to perform regular rekeying. This is an easy and inexpensive way to curb any fears that unauthorized people may acquire access to your facilities. Job Done will rekey locks, cut new keys, and perform other locksmith services to help secure your business.

Why Rekeying?

Let’s say you’re not concerned with disgruntled employees, or maybe your business area is considered low-crime so burglaries are not common. However, business owners can still benefit from an array of other non-lock replacement advantages, such as key copy. Denver customers who misplace or accidentally throw away their keys can receive swift, experienced rekeying, key cutting, and key duplication services from Job Done Locksmith. You’ll be able to better monitor and control the number of keys in circulation.

Denver business owners will find our $19 per lock-charge nearly unmatchable.

Commercial Locksmith-Provided Security Measures

Perhaps you’re simply interested in streamlining the access to your building? Try our Master Key System, where business proprietors will receive access and control to all rooms without having overloaded keyrings. This process does not replace locks; instead, Denver clients will experience premier rekeying instead, so installation is quicker and less expensive. Customers can also opt for the Alarm Lock, a system that will essentially allow users to control who enters the building, and at what times they’re allowed access. Be sure to ask your local locksmith about options to help you ditch the keys altogether, too. Keyless entry systems can offer increased security because you can change the access codes as often as you choose. Many modern options also connect to the internet so you can see who is coming and going, as well as update access codes remotely if you need to change a PIN code while you’re away from the office.

At the end of the day, all business owners have a duty to protect proprietary inventory, facility property, and the safety of their employees. Any owner would want to protect their business the same as their own family. There is no reason you shouldn’t experience a lock rekey, as well as all of the other security assistance a commercial locksmith can provide. Denver clients can trust us to provide reliable care for all your business locations. Take the necessary, preventive steps to acquire Job Done Locksmith solutions today, for problems that could occur at any time. Check out our website for more information on our rekeying systems and installation services.